Makeup running down your face by the end of the day?

The CLEAN Makeup Course will get your eyes looking white and bright in 5 easy steps, even if you have sensitive eyes. Enjoy wearing your favorite makeup looks again.


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Women use at least 9 makeup products on their faces everyday. But, the US beauty industry is largely unregulated. Our beloved makeup is full of toxic ingredients. And, these toxins are making your eyes red, watery, and sensitive.

Hi, I'm Dr. T. I'm an eye doctor, an author, and a dry eye sufferer myself. Learn how to take your red and watery eyes to white and bright with the CLEAN Makeup Manual Course for busy professional women.

The fastest way to alleviate the redness and irritation is to develop CLEAN makeup habits.

End the Embarrassment

Stop hiding behind dark glasses because you don't want anyone to see your red, irritated eyes

Save Time and Money

Don't waste another dime on products labeled "for Sensitive Eyes" that doesn't work.

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Gurl, You just need to Relax

I've got you covered.  The research is done.  White, beautiful eyes are in your future.

"As a dry eye specialist and a dry eye sufferer herself, Dr. Theriot prescribed a treatment plan that provided a great deal of relief in a short amount of time. Today, I am happy to report that I can comfortably wear contact lenses and eye makeup without redness and irritation."


CLEAN Makeup Manual

Love wearing your eye makeup again, even if your eyes have been too sensitive in the past. In this 5 module course you will learn the CLEAN system: 1) Clean off your makeup 2) Learn the best practices of makeup wear and care 3) Eliminate toxins and irritants from your makeup and personal care products 4) Assure your products and tools are clean 5) Now show them what you’ve got – know which brands will work for you even as makeup trends change

Hi there, I'm Dr. T

Several years ago, I struggled to wear eye makeup to work. As an eye doctor, I worried that I didn't look professional. My eyes were always red and watery. Most days, my eye makeup was running down my face before lunchtime.   
I began to research the best makeup brands and products so that I could feel confident at work again. Now, I share this information with you so that you can love wearing your eye makeup again and go back to a time when you weren't even aware of your eyes.

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