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#112: Which Vitamin Supplement Works Best for Dry Eyes?

Jun 15, 2021

This week, I have a special guest with me. Zac Denning is meeting us from San Francisco, California. He is with ScienceBased Health, which makes my favorite omega supplement and Zac is here to talk to us today about HydroEye.

According to the TFOS DEWS II Report, it is important to start every dry eye patient on a daily regimen for eye care.  I recommend using 4-Simple Steps daily: artificial tears, lid scrubs, warm compresses, and a dry eye supplement to help support a healthy tear film.

My favorite dry eye supplement is HydroEye. I thought I'd bring Zac on today to share with my readers and listeners, why we both love HydroEye. So let's start out with an easy one.

What is HydroEye?

HydroEye is a clinically tested supplement for dry eye support. It's really a unique formula. It contains an omega fatty acid from black currant seed oil, called GLA or Gamma-linolenic acid. 

GLA is this unique omega that isn't found at meaningful levels in our diet and you can't get it from fish or flaxseed oil. But GLA has been found to help with dry eye in a number of clinical dry eye studies. GLA is the building block for a key molecule on the surface of the eye that helps soothe the ocular surface and supports tear production. When it's in the right balance with other omega's and specific nutrients, these all work together to help your body build a really nice, healthy tear film, and to reduce those irritation symptoms.

HydroEye was actually studied in a clinical trial published in Cornea journal, a respected medical journal. The clinical trial looked at post-menopausal women who are amongst the group with the highest risks for dry eye. HydroEye was found to improve symptoms, lower levels of inflammation, and contribute to a smoother surface on the eyes compared to the placebo. It's nice to have evidence that it actually works in patients.

Why is it important to use HydroEye?

We're all aware of outside-in approaches to dry eye.  Most dry eye treatments are things we use from the outside of the eye to help with ocular surface dryness such as artificial tears.

It's important to have an inside-out approach as well.  Using a well-studied dry eye supplement, you're essentially providing the nutritional building blocks to help your body produce that incredibly complex, delicate, tri-layered coating that coats your eyes and keeps them comfortable and shiny.

The other nice thing about a supplement is, it's natural. And it also, you know, supports other parts of your body. Omega fatty acids are good for your skin, your heart, and other areas in the body to decrease inflammation.

It's important to remember that dry eye is progressive, and it can get worse. Working with your doctor can help stop that train or at least slow it down and get some relief.  That's really important to do early on by using a dry eye supplement. HydroEye Softgels - Dry Eye Formula - 120 Count: Health &  Personal Care

How do we start using HydroEye?

It's a soft gel, so you can easily swallow it with water. But like many things in life, you know, consistency is often the key.  If your doctor gives you a treatment plan, you can't just do it only to stop after one week, or frantically try to cram the treatment in the week before your next visit. It's important to stick with it.

Try HydroEye for two months at least to start. The response may vary from person to person because everyone's dry eye is unique to them due to varying combinations of internal and external causes.  Some people respond quickly, and some people respond slowly.

Usually, after three to five weeks, patients start to feel better.  They forget to put in their artificial tears for longer periods of time, don't use them as many times per day, or even are able to wear their contacts for longer. Within the first two months, about 85% of patients will notice some improvement. If you keep using it for longer, the noticeable improvement will actually continue to increase through that time.

If HydroEye doesn't work for you, which is not uncommon for about 10 to 15% of people, it's covered by a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.  Anyone who doesn't feel like HydroEye has helped them can get their money back. 

HydroEye should be taken with or after a meal. The fat from your meal actually helps you absorb omega fatty acids better.

What would happen if we didn't use a dry eye supplement when we're suffering from dry eyes?

Every little thing helps if you suffer from dry eye.  Your doctor is going to recommend a couple of things in combination and if you don't follow those recommendations, it's not your doctor who's going to suffer.  It's really your long-term eye health. Not taking care of dry eyes early on can lead to more problems down the road.

For HydroEye, if you stop taking it,  you may notice your dry eye symptoms worsen after a couple of days.


HydroEye is the best omega supplement on the market for dry eye sufferers and it's an important part of your total dry eye treatment plan. HydryEye is easy to use and it's so easy to find. You can even make your life even easier by getting it direct-shipped to your home.  

Using 4-Simple Steps in your Daily Dry Eye Care is easy:

  1. Hydrate: Optase Dry Eye Intense Drops
  2. Harmonize: Eyes Are The Story Refreshing Towelette
  3. Heat: Unclog Heat Mask
  4. Heal: HydroEye Supplement

Perform all four of these steps twice a day for best results.

If you feel like you would like to learn about a comprehensive approach to your eye health, check out this guide on Holistic Ophthalmology: Integrative Eye and Vision Healthcare.


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