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#199: Your Holiday Shopping Guide, aka your Personal Wish List

Nov 21, 2023

The 2023 gift guide for the holidays so that you can get all of your friends with red, sensitive eyes, the best gifts to pamper them this holiday season.  




#1) Eyes are the Story Mascara

Now, this is a box of three mini mascara wands. I really love this mascara. It is my favorite. The three mini wands keeps the brush and tube clean. You replace these wands every month. Less bacteria stays in the mascara tube to grow since you dispose of it so often.

Instead of using the big tubes of mascara which you throw out every three months, you get three smaller tubes that you'll replace once a month.

The mascara is formulated with a creamy texture, and it doesn't flake. I find that this mascara lasts all day and it's a nice dark black color. I love it.  



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#198: "Bye Bye, Demodex: Xdemvy to the Rescue!" 

Nov 12, 2023

Today, I'm diving into a real discussion on Demodex mites and how they cause redness and irritation to your eyelashes. Yes, you heard that right! These microscopic critters love to make themselves at home in your eyelids and lashes, and you probably never even knew it. Let's talk about the Demodex mite who too small to see with the naked eye. 


Meet Demodex: Your Uninvited Eyelash Guest  

The demodex mite lives on the lash follicles of your eyes. Everyone has a few of these tiny party crashers living on our lids and lashes. It's perfectly normal! Learn more about this condition, Demodex blepharitis, here.

But here's the kicker: sometimes, these uninvited guests become over populated on your eyelashes, and that can lead to symptoms like irritation, redness,...

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#197: Soothe Your Dry Eyes this Fall Season

Nov 05, 2023

It's fall! The weather has that crispy quality again. We can get out our sweaters and enjoy being outdoors without sweating. 

Fall is a great time of year to enjoy the outdoors and usually, there are lots of opportunities to do so. You may be going to football games or spending the day at a fall festival. You may have gotten lost in your local corn maze or spent the day picking apples.

Being outdoors is great this time of year, but as a dry eye sufferer, it has it's challenges. Let's explore the best ways to prepare yourself for spending time outdoors this fall.

Protect your Eyes from the Sun

The sun and wind can still irritate your already challenged eyes. It's important to protect your eyes from UV light. And, sense it can also be windy this time of year, be sure to find a...

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#196: Is Your Skin Care TOXIC? Enhance Your Eyes Naturally with Oculaire Skincare

Oct 28, 2023

Let's dive into the world of Oculaire Skincare, the ultimate destination for eye-enhancing products that promise to make you feel, look, and even see better!

Today, I'm joined by Jessica Rosales, a skincare expert from Oculaire Skincare, who will take us on a journey through their incredible product line designed specifically for sensitive eyes and skin. Get ready to unlock the secrets to youthful and radiant eyes naturally! 

Oculaire Mousse d'or - The Gentle Foaming Face and Lid Wash

Jessica introduces us to the wonder of Oculaire Mousse d'or, a foaming face and lid wash that's perfect for daily use. Mousse d'or is a calming formulation that helps eliminate demodex, alleviate symptoms of blepharitis, reduce lid swelling, and address skin inflammation. Its gentle and scent-free...

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#195: Better Rest, Some Relaxation, and Eyes that Feel Great! Umay has the Answer

Sep 26, 2023

Let's explore the fascinating world of eye health and discover innovative solutions to keep those peepers in tip-top shape. We're diving into the realm of digital eye strain relief with innovator and dry eye expert, Dr. Sharmin Habib from Umay REST.  She's here to talk about the magical Umay REST device

Meet Dr. Sharmin Habib and the REST Device:

Dr. Habib, an eye health expert, walks us through the wonders of the Umay REST device, designed to become the cornerstone of our daily eye care routine. The REST device tackles two crucial aspects of eye health: tear production and tear protection, addressing those pesky dry eyes and digital eye strain we're all too familiar with.

The Science Behind REST:

Are you curious about the science that makes REST so comfortable?...

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#194: Best Tips for Mascara wear for Sensitive Eyes

Aug 07, 2023

We all love mascara. It turns out it is the most popular cosmetic. Most of us feel it's something that we feel like we can't live without. Many women won't even leave the house without putting it on.

Mascara makes your eyelashes look long, dark, and beautiful. It highlights the windows to our souls. In this blog, I'll explore three tips for you to wear mascara if you are a dry eye sufferer.


Tip #1) No Waterproof Mascara.

 Many dry eye sufferers will start using a waterproof mascara because their eyes are so irritated and sometimes they run water. They use the waterproof mascara, to avoid it from running down their face.


However, there are waxes and toxins in this waterproof mascara that makes it waterproof. These waxes are hard to remove from your lashes at the end of...

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#193: The Worst Thing you can do while Wearing your Contact Lenses

Jul 15, 2023


When you wear contact lenses there is always an increased risk of eye infections. In this blog, I'd like to explore the biggest risk factor for eye infections related to contact lenses.


When bacteria gets trapped under contact lenses it leads to infections called ulcers. An ulcer occurs when bacteria begin to create a crater in the front surface of the eye. When they are trapped underneath a contact lens it provides a nice, warm, safe home for them to burrow in and make a big infection.


The bacteria creates a hole in the front surface of your eye, and if you don't see an eye doctor quickly enough and get treated, it could lead to a sight threatening scar. These are very serious infections.  They differ significantly from pink eye.


The symptoms of a...

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#192: Best Tips to Enjoy Summer with Dry Eyes

Jul 04, 2023

Summer is a great time of the year to enjoy spending time with your friends and family outdoors. This can be especially challenging for dry eye sufferers since they often are sensitive to wind and sunlight. Let’s discuss three ways to protect your eyes this summer.  

#1) Protect Your Eyes 

Wearing your sunglasses to protect our eyes from UV rays is important any time of the year. Harmful UV rays have been linked to cataract creation and an increased risk of development of macular degeneration. In the summer, it is extra important to wear sunglasses because there are more hours of daylight. 

When you have dry eyes, your eyes tend to be more sensitive to light and to wind. I like to wear sunglasses whenever I'm outdoors year-round, but especially in the summertime....

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#191: How to Get Rid of Eye Irritation from Makeup

Jun 19, 2023

In the last blog, I shared with you the ways in which your eye makeup could be causing dry eye disease. If you missed it, please click here. In this blog, I will discuss three ways you can treat your eyes when the dryness eye disease is attributed to makeup.  



The United States bans only 11 ingredients from the product lists of cosmetics. However, the European Union bans over 1600. Many of your favorite products contain ingredients that are toxic to the ocular surface.  

In order to avoid toxins, you will need to start reading ingredient labels. I’ve compiled a list of the ingredients you need to eliminate from your makeup in this handy list. You can download the list here. These are particularly toxic to your eyes.  


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#190: How Does Makeup Wear Cause Dry Eye?

Jun 08, 2023

Patients come to me every day because they can no longer wear their eye makeup. Their eyes are irritated, red, watery. They apply their makeup and later find it running down their face. They're frustrated because they can't wear the products that they love. 

This happens so often. I want to give you three reasons that this is happening: 


Some eye makeups cause inflammation to your eyes. Have you ever put your mascara on and then your eyes started to burn? This is happening because the ingredients in that mascara were irritating to your eyes. 

Did you know that women apply mascara nine times a week on average? That's more than once a day. Women are applying mascara multiple times a day. And if that mascara contains irritating...

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