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Throughout my career, I have encountered too many patients who have wasted time going from doctor to doctor with the same complaints of red, irritated eyes without getting answers.  Somehow, they stumble upon me and for the first time, I am able to get them the relief they deserve and restore their clear, comfortable vision. 

My husband is career military, so we move around every couple of years.  I have seen patients suffering from dry eyes in a variety of climates and locations.  Since I graduated from the UC Berkeley School of Optometry, I have practiced in 6 states.  I have been blessed to be able to provide care for patients in all of these states and build a loyal patient base.  When I would move away, patients wouldn’t know who to go to next. 

Now, I am building a platform to provide simple, straightforward treatment plans that are customizable to you.  No longer do we need to sit in the same room to find the best treatments.  This site is dedicated to providing you with the tips and tools to get your eyes to look, see and feel better.   


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