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#145: Make your Sensitive Eyes look Great this Valentine's Day

Feb 09, 2022

It's almost Valentine's Day!!  Let's talk about how to make your eyes look gorgeous for your date.

There are five steps you can take to make your eyes pop, even when they're dry or sensitive, when you're out for Valentine's day. On this night especially, you don't want to hide your eyes because you're embarrassed by their redness.  Eyes are the window to the soul.  And, we all know that making eye contact is key in building relationships.  And, Valentine's Day is all about relationships.  So, let's stop hiding our eyes, and get them looking gorgeous.


You're ready to look great on your Valentine's Day date.  You don't want your leads to make you appear sleepy.  Use one drop of Upneeq at least 20 minutes before "go time".  And, your eyes will look more open and alluring for the entire evening.  

Your eyes will look more open and fabulous by using a prescription medication called Upneeq.  The drop is preservative free.  You use it just once a day.  It begins to lift your lids in just a few minutes and gives you a wider eyed appearance for at least 8 hours.

This is a prescription medication, so you need to see your eye care professional. Get all the details on how Upneeq works and how to get a prescription for it here. It's worth the trip to your eye doctor, because the results are  fabulous.



Okay, you've got your eyes nice and wide open.  Gorgeous.  But, do they still look red?  Let's brighten them up with a drop of Lumify.  It's a non-prescription eye drop that whitens the eyes.

Place one drop in each eye before your ready to head out the door.  This one lasts 8 hours.  It works very quickly to take the redness away.  And, it is safe to use for those of us with dry or sensitive eyes.  And so it'll make them look whiter and brighter.



Now let's talk about makeup you can apply to make your eyes sparkle. Start with Eye Shadow Sticks by Twenty/Twenty Beauty. You can blend their three colors to make a fabulous Valentine's day date look. 

Top off the look with Eyes Are The Story Mascara. This is my favorite mascara because it looks great and lasts all day.  And, it in a three pack of these mini mascara wands. You dispose of them once a month. And, they stay clean and bacteria free.

STEP 4) TAKE IT OFF (before you hit the sheets)

This is the most important step.  Before you go to bed after your Valentine's date, you want to make sure to remover your eye makeup.  You don't wake up with raccoon eyes.

I love these Eyes Are The Story Refreshing Towelettes because they are individually wrapped.  You can put them in your purse and take them with you. So, it doesn't matter if you're home that evening to remove your makeup or not. (wink-wink) You'll have your makeup remover wipe with you.

If you don't have a favorite makeup remover yet, I'm obsessed with them.  Check out my list of favorites here.



Now, you'll want to keep this going long-term.  Following these steps every day will assure that your eyes feel great every time you want to wear makeup, not just on those special occasions.

There are 4-simple steps to keeping your eyes healthy and happy.  If you'd like to review the process, it's on video here.

  1. Hydrate: Use an artificial tear or your prescription dry eye medication.  My favorite tear right now is Dry Eye Intense by Optase.
  2. Cleanse: Get your lid and lashes free of bacteria with a cleanser specifically formulated for the eyes.  Easy on the Eyes from Twenty/Twenty Beauty is the best if you have sensitive skin.
  3. Heat: A warm compress heats up the meibomian glands in your lids and melts the oils that may be trapped inside.  The oils coat and soothe the front surface of the eyes.  I love using the UNClog mask  because it has an automatic shut off timer.
  4. Support: Take your anti-inflammatory supplement to give your body the building blocks it needs to make healthy tears.  I recommend Hydro Eye.


So there you have it, five steps to gorgeous eyes this Valentine's Day. 

  1. Lift your lids with Upneeq.
  2. Whiten your eyes with Lumify.
  3. Get a glamorous look by applying Eye Shadow from Twenty/Twenty Beauty and toping it off with mascara from Eyes Are The Story.
  4. Remove it all before you sleep with Eyes Are The Story Refreshing Towelettes.
  5. Keep it going by using the 4-Simple Steps for Healthy Eyes on a daily basis.

This Valentine's Day, and everyday, look great by showing your eyes some love.  If you want to give yourself a little spurge, check out my favorite bedtime eye potion.  Get Growing Lash and Brow Serum not only moisturizes your lids and lashes while you're sleeping, it strengthens your lashes over time too.  As my friend Dr. Diane Hilal-Campo says, "Healthy eyes are beautiful."

And, if you don't yet have a favorite makeup remover check out my list of favorites here.


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